Connecting People and Places

In a recent landmark mission, a delegation of business leaders and politicians from across the island came together to discuss key areas for an all-island approach to economic development. Led by the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce, Cork Chamber, and Dublin Chamber, this series of events marks the first collaborative initiative of its kind, focusing on enhancing connectivity and fostering economic growth.


Key Initiatives
Together, Cork, Dublin and NI Chambers are focused on progressing five key aspirations:

  1. Higher-Speed Rail Cork-Dublin-Belfast: Aiming to create a seamless higher-speed rail link that will significantly reduce travel times and enhance regional connectivity.
  2. Restoration of Cork-Belfast Flights: Restoring domestic flights between Belfast and Cork will enhance business and tourism links, making the island of Ireland a more attractive destination for visitors and investors.
  3. Funding Allocation for Ports: Securing investments to future-proof the three major ports, ensuring they can support economic growth and industrial advancements.
  4. All-Island Innovation Clusters: Promoting collaboration between industry and education to foster innovation and create competitive clusters across the island.
  5. Enhancing Tourism Links: Developing strong tourism links by harnessing regional strengths, place branding, and evolving the story of Ireland to represent a modern island.

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