Focus on Life Sciences: Meet in Italy 2021

Meet in Italy for Life Sciences is a leading meeting and matchmaking event for companies and start-ups interested in partnering and networking opportunities in the life sciences sector.


A physical brokerage event will be held in Genoa, Italy from 12-14 May 2021 in collaboration with Italy’s ALISEI National Technology Cluster for Life Sciences and the Enterprise Europe Network.  However, participants can register and set virtual meetings anytime from an online matchmaking platform starting from today


Irish start-up companies, research and healthcare organisations, investors, life sciences stakeholders are welcome from the following fields:


Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical, Medical devices, Biology/Biotechnology, IT Applications for Health, Medicine, Human Health and well-being as well as related value chain activities, from research to business & development, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, regulatory issues, professional and consulting services and investment.


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