Your time to vote
Your time to vote

Dear Chamber member,


This year is poised to be a landmark one for democratic processes worldwide. Elections are set to engage half of the world’s population, empowering them with the opportunity to exercise their voting rights. With so many great plans in place for Cork, there is an important opportunity to ensure that our representatives, local and European, are well mandated to deliver on the issues that matter to our city region.


Through Ireland 2040, the government has set targets for Cork which includes a 50% growth in population. This will require a concerted effort to build houses, create circa 75,000 jobs, deliver an enhanced public transport system and provide a range of health, social, community and cultural services. While Cork has potential to accommodate significant economic and spatial change to play a leading role in delivering balanced national socio-economic growth for Ireland this requires targeted innovation, investment and ambitious public representatives.


In 2024, running for election requires candidates that are ambitious for the region. We need representatives that have a very clear understanding of the pressing policy issues that are impacting Cork, Ireland South and Ireland. Representatives with a true commitment to improving local communities, the economy and the environment will deliver the best outcomes. We want our Local and European candidates to be as ambitious for Cork as we are and are calling for them to step up and match the ambition, drive and determination of our member businesses.


Through our constant engagement across our members, we have a unique understanding of the economic and social needs of business in Cork. This manifesto reflects those key priorities for the five years ahead, and it also charts a course for the future for Cork and our social, economic and environmental security and prosperity.


Cork Chamber has identified eight key priority areas in the manifesto, with specific asks in each area. This can be viewed online <HERE>.


We strongly encourage each of you across our 1,200 members who together employ 120,000 people to engage in the process. Engage with candidates and exercise your vote on June 7th. We are publishing our manifesto to help you, as voters, to clarify the issues facing the business community, our regions employers. A strong and balanced economy supports a balanced society.


Warm regards,



Conor Healy


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