Trees! Trees! Trees!

It’s planting season. From 9.30am on Wednesday Jan 26th to 1pm on Friday Jan 28th, 300 indigenous Irish trees will be openly available to Cork Chamber members on a first come first served basis.


Ranging from 2-4 foot tall, the species available will include:

  • Alnus Glutinosa: Black Alder
  • Betula Pubescens: Downy Birch
  • Corylus Avellana: Hazel
  • Crataegus Monogyna: Hawthorn
  • Quercus Robur: Oak
  • Sorbus Aucuparia: Rowan

We’ll operate an honestly policy on collection. Be covid guidelines compliant. Come to our car park at Fitzgerald House, Summerhill North. Drop your business card in a bowl. Pick up your tree and off you go to your place of choice - your workplace, community or home to add a little freshness and life to Cork at the start of your year.