Focus on green building
Drive to net zero energy building by 2050

The Enterprise Europe Network has a focussed network experts working with a Sustainable Construction sector group and an Intelligent Energy Sector Group.  View a sample of EEN Profiles related to green building: 


- German manufacturer of greened noise barriers is looking for installation partners abroad

- Brussels based SME that developed a modular, low carbon, autonomous tiny housing box is looking for partners that can provide battery technologies to improve the energy management systems used in the housing boxes

- Portuguese provider of smart furniture manufacturing management software is seeking to enter into a license agreement with partners that are looking for end-to-end production solutions

-A Slovak company dealing with implementation of low energy houses (so called “mole houses”) is looking for business partners under subcontracting

-Production technology of insulating foaming material - eco-expanded polystyrene


View a case study of how an Estonian SME grew by entering into the green housing market in Sweden with the support of Enterprise Europe Network here. 


EEN upcoming event: Green Office @ ORGATEC 28 October 2020