Maltese IT services consortium continues to build solutions with Irish SMEs

leading cluster organisations and companies seeking services for digital transformation, business process management, software development, cloud infrastructure and web design across a number of sectors in the Cork region.


The mission empowered Irish and Maltese companies to gain valuable market insights and create a basis for relationships to promote their businesses to prospective buyers and partners in both the Irish and Maltese markets.


A key positive outcome was the opportunity for the companies to meet fellow mission participants, learn from the experience of peers as well as introduce and promote the benefits of each other’s businesses and to develop new ideas and opportunities to support competitive advantage.


Despite challenging times in 2020, the Maltese companies have continued to build momentum from their visit to Cork by strengthening their relationships and the potential for further collaboration between the Maltese and Cork IT companies. Through the MBB’s Enterprise Europe Network Business Advisory Services, three of the Maltese companies, namely, 56Bit, Corporate Business Solutions (CBS), and Cybergate International, have set up a consortium to jointly offer their services to Irish companies. This consortium has brought their varied but complementary specialisms and services across cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure and custom software development under one offering.


MBB CEO, Joe Tanti, who led the company mission to Cork and who acts as an EEN business mentor to the Maltese Consortium has said that, “The consortium, emerging as a spin-off from the successful company mission, is testament of the endless potential of international collaboration, as proven by the excellent relations between the Cork Chamber of Commerce and the Malta Business Bureau.”


56Bit focuses on consulting and building cloud infrastructure platforms following industry best-practices. The forefront of the infrastructure requires a custom, enterprise-grade application.


Corporate Business Solutions (CBS) offers bespoke solutions for Custom Software Development.


Cybergate International is a cybersecurity-focused company within the consortium and can provide a high level of protection to the online solutions delivered. 


Driven to grow and further expand their reach, these companies formed a consortium to explore further networking opportunities in Cork, create synergies, pool and share new ideas for collaboration and the delivery of a tailored service to Irish companies.


SMEs are often challenged when undertaking significant IT projects for change and transformation of processes. Inefficiencies usually occur when customers engage with multiple suppliers to build a custom platform. This process is time-consuming and extensive, consisting of; recruiting a team; multiple pricing and quotation phases; obtaining feedback and project delivery.


As a solution to this time-consuming process, the Consortium offers several efficient approaches, namely by;

  • Conducting an analysis to identify relevant requirements while aiming to provide a solution-orientated ‘one-stop-shop’ for SME clients.
  • Reduction in inefficiencies for clients and the benefit of a multidisciplinary team solving problems and finding holistic solutions.
  • Each company within the consortium focuses on specific pillars within the technology space, hence offering higher quality while deploying to the market faster and more efficiently.
  • And finally, aim to liberate SMEs and their IT teams from unnecessary headaches so that instead, they focus on their strengths and other business priorities. Solid collaboration between the three IT companies provides a single and simplified solution so often required by SMEs and multinationals alike.

The consortium is looking towards the Irish and UK market while additionally, owing to Malta’s geographic location, has knowledge and experience of African and Middle Eastern markets. The Maltese Consortium are eager to connect with IT-related Cork companies looking for collaboration partners and for outsourcing in order to scale on bigger projects and to further explore mutually-beneficial collaboration between Malta and Cork. 


The three entrepreneurs of the Maltese Consortium, (names from left to right) Stefan Caruana, Keith Abela Fitzpatrick, Francesco Mifsud and Joe Tanti, Malta Business Bureau


For further information, please contact MBB CEO, Joe Tanti, or Margaret Kelly


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Francesco Mifsud, Cybergate International