Q3 2023
Survey Results

In the third Economic Trends survey of 2023, Cork Chamber asked members about their experience of the most recent business quarter, Q3 2023 (July, August, September) and on the business outlook for the fourth quarter of 2023. This Economic Trends Survey captures a snapshot of business experiences and of the overall operating landscape.

Sustainability needs


To gain deeper insights into the rapidly evolving business landscape, this survey also gathered information to assess the sustainability needs and priorities of businesses. The top business motivations for implementing sustainability measures have been revealed.

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“The Q3 findings are very positive with respect to business confidence in the underlying financial aspects of their business. The results also demonstrate a shift in business priorities and the corporate landscape towards greater sustainability awareness and motivations. It is encouraging to see the real concrete steps businesses are taking to enhance their sustainability agenda,” said Ronan Murray, President of Cork Chamber.


Despite a challenging labour market, companies continue to fuel growth and recruitment efforts, with 35% increasing employee numbers during Q3, 53% staying the same and 12% reporting a decrease.


Specialist skill shortages remain the primary obstacle in filling vacancies, with a noticeable increase in businesses reporting it as the top barrier, rising from 50% in Q2 to 74% in Q3.


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L'Arche Ireland is this quarter's nominated charity to receive a €200 gift card.